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Business Intelligence


Successful companies today rely on accurate, timely, and integrated information. Forward-thinking organizations classify aggregate and correlate data into meaningful business information to stay ahead of competition. By delivering relevant, focused, and timely information, Business Intelligence helps companies make better-informed business decisions. Allianture provides Business Intelligence (BI) solutions that allow our clients to transform data into knowledge for quick and effective decision making.

Informed decisions require a holistic approach to Business Intelligence. Using Allianture’s EIM Maturity Model as a benchmark, our experts can quickly identify potential gaps and risks to establishing a sustainable BI program. Our methodology focuses on providing immediate business value, long-term sustainability, enterprise-class scalability, and reliability through a blended team approach designed to help mentor and enable our customers.

We are sitting at the cusp of another major BI evolution, popularly called Big Data. Across industries and verticals (financial services, government, telecommunications, advertising, media, insurance, manufacturing and more), companies are assessing how to manage the volume, variety, and velocity of their untapped information and create a data platform that leverages these large volumes of data to derive timely insight while preserving their existing investments in information management. Allianture combines the strategic benefits of our partnerships with leading BI technology vendors like IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft, along with our own established delivery credentials to help you plan, size, build, and roll out a real-time big data analytics platform.