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Pharmaceutical and Medical Device


Pharmaceutical Industry

By 2020 the pharmaceutical industry is expected to be a $1.3 trillion business. At the same time, the industry is tasked with navigating a challenging and rapidly changing environment in which stakeholders including physicians, patients and payers are facing significant pressure for change. In order to make the most of these future growth opportunities, the industry must fundamentally change the way it operates.

Allianture offers solutions that help pharmaceutical firms to respond to their highly variable and regulated environment. From streamlining the R&D and Clinical Trials processes using Clinical Trials Management Solutions (CTMS) and data warehousing, to optimizing business processes such as packaging and distribution, to strengthening customer relationships utilizing CRM and portal technologies, Allianture helps pharmaceutical companies reduce costs while delivering superior performance.

Medical Devices - Salesforce.com

Medical device companies rely on cloud computing for the speed and flexibility it provides to an industry that’s always in motion. Because there’s no infrastructure to set up or maintain, Salesforce and Force.com can be customized and configured in hours—not weeks or months—to meet the changing demands of your business.

Achieve real-time visibility
Managing sales across multiple channels, geographies, and products is a challenge. Salesforce unifies your operations by providing a single source of truth for data. Gone are the days of consolidating spreadsheets and reports. Dashboards show key metrics—from sales to aggregate physician spend—in real time. Powerful forecasting and analytics ensure an efficient allocation of resources.

Improve rep effectiveness
Think anyone will look back fondly on the days of traditional software? Ask your reps. They love cloud computing because it’s easy to use and helps them track, influence, and navigate relationships between physicians, facilities, and GPOs. With mobile access, reps have access to their information on the road—and that means less administrative work at the end of the day.

Deliver higher levels of service
In your line of work, it’s critical that you deliver the highest level of service. The Service Cloud powers customer service, technical support, complaint handling, and service and repair for medical devices. Strict security and privacy measures equip our solutions to be used in highly regulated environments, including those subject to FDA 21 CFR part 11.

Allianture offers a full-range of industry-specific solutions including:

Customer Relationship Management
Sales Force Effectiveness
E-detailing and Closed Loop Marketing
Data Management and Data Warehouse
Clinical Trials Management and CTMS Implementation
Government regulation and compliance including pedigree laws